Vídeo Team

Our technical team is formed by:

  • Urbana IDR

    With expertise knowledge in renovating damaged buildings, highly skilled staff in peacekeeping missions and emergency areas, Urbana are the innovators of SURI.

  • Barbarela Studio

    Barbarela Studio is a firm of architects, landscape designers, and engineers focused on finding solutions that integrate energy, environment and sustainability. They are the team responsible for the development and design of SURI.

  • University of Alicante

    Prof. Salvador Ivorra. Head of the Structural division. Civil Engineering Department. Structural analysis and design. Mechanical material tests. Experimental campaign for the complete structural behaviour. GRESMES: Structural analysis research team and Structural Laboratory.

  • Fab Lab Alicante

    Digital fabrication lab of the EPS, Alicante University, that is part of “Fab Lab” network, created by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).


    Centre for Innovation and Technology (CIT). They provide solutions in all sector related to plastics.

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