04 Dec 2014

IFRC-SRU Newsletter

The latest edition of the IFRC-SRU newsletter. The newsletter is also available online on ISSUU. This issue highlights the successes of the past 4 months of the IFRC-SRU with an extensive feature on the Cladding and Fixing Conference that we attended in Luxembourg.

12 Nov 2014

AidEx 2014

Today begins AidEx 2014, leading platform for the international community dedicated to support and development. The multidisciplinary event which encompasses conference, exhibition, meeting areas and workshops takes place these days in Brussels. 

Urbana IDR presents the 14th, 15th and 16th April SURI (Shelter Unit for Rapid Installations) at the annual meeting for European suppliers of the United Nations (UN). In this edition, the event emphasizes the development of solutions and infrastructures for peace missions.

This is the second time that SURI has been presented by Urbana IDR in the United Nations. On 20 March, the Alicante company was selected among the ten most innovative in the world to introduce the United Nations Procurement Division (UNDP) latest technological advances.

More information on the European Procurement Forum:



Team Urbana IDR and Suricatta Systems were this week in New York to present SURI prototype. We leave these pictures of the preparation of the presentation at the UN building and visit the ICEX office. 

The company from Alicante Urbana de Exteriores and the University of Alicante will join forces to develop a modern module that can be used as a shelter in situations where the civil population lose their homes or have to travel, in situations such as natural disasters, wars or migration . The following Monday an agreement for the manufacture of a prototype shelter .will be signed, and it will run by the Department of Civil Engineering.

Its designhas been carried outin collaborationwith the architectsBarbarelaStudioandthe research laboratoryof the University ofAlicante,AlicanteFabLab.This laboratoryis part of theinternational network of laboratoriesFabLabcreated and ledby world-renownedresearch centerat MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

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