10 Oct 2016

Refugee City

Event :

17 Oct 2016 - 17 Oct 2016

Centro Cívico Pati Llimona, Barcelona

On October 17th and November 11th, the Master of International Cooperation Sustainable Emergency Architecture by UIC Barcelona, will be hosting two separate roundtable discussions aimed at shedding light on the urban and architectural issues surrounding the refugee crisis. As the title of the conference, Refugee City, suggests, discussions will reflect on how refugee camps can be better designed to protect the health, safety and livelihoods of camp dwellers and on the challenges of integrating what is now 60% of the world’s refugee population living in cities.

The first event on October 17th, Emergency Architecture: Responding to Ebola and Education, will feature the participation of former student Nerea Amorós, currently researching Early Childhood Development education in easter Africa’s refugee camps; faculty members Verónica Sánchez, specialized in the construction of Ebola centers in refugee camps, and Gonzalo Sánchez Terán, a seasonsed refugee camps expert; and Daniel Ledesma of Red Cross. 

The second event on November 11th, From Camps to Integration, will feature the participation of former students Nasr Chamma and Esther Menduiña, both currently carrying out extensive research on refugee camps; Enric Roig, an expert in refugee camp accessibility; and Aditya Kumar, an Indian architect and planner working in the informal settlements of South Africa and formerly head of design of the Nahr El Bared Palestinian Camp Reconstruction Project with UNRWA.

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