29 May 2017

Moving towards resilience

The Department of Safety, Emergency and Disasters at the University of Malaga and the Dept. Psicobiología and methodology of Behavioral Sciences organize the 11th Conference on Safety, Emergencies and Disasters, during 1 and 2 of June 2017. With an important prior activity: II Hackathon Chair of safety, emergencies and disasters to be held from May 31, 2017.

Moving towards resilience is the central theme of this edition of the conference. This concept is approached from a multidisciplinary perspective, analyzing the different facets and its impact on our society.

These scientific and technical conferences are held at the school of Industrial Engineering of the University of Malaga. It is located in the expansion of the Campus de Teatinos (Málaga).

II Hackathon Chair of Safety, Emergencies and Disasters is held at the building site "The Green Ray" in the expansion of the Campus de Teatinos. A platform that allows to get information about self-protection measures appropriate for the reduction of the risk to damage and improve resiliency will develop.

The conference will end with the celebration of a simulation exercise where will participate multiple entities including civil and military resources for about 12 hours. It's an exercise in eminently formative character, culminating this year the conference on June 2 in the field of experimentation of new technologies in emergencies of the University of Malaga.

This 11th Edition maintains its international character, with the participation of various teachers and professionals, as it is the case of professors of the Metropolitan College of New York; representatives of the SPPED Peruvian society of psychology in emergencies and disasters of Peru, among many others.

Suricatta Systems will be present during these days actively through the assignment of a SURI Shelter for use during the conference.

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