Suricatta Systems is a business project that emerged from Urbana IDR company, which was created during the reconstruction of several buildings after the earthquake in Lorca (Spain) in 2011, using the experiences lived by our volunteer teams who were in Haiti and the expertise of our staff in peacekeeping missions, the project has developed and expanded.

In Lorca we had the opportunity to check, in-situ, the harsh living conditions in which the victims found themselves, together with the difficult working conditions that the people helping them had to face.

The initial contact with specialized UN agencies and NGOs involved, made us realize that this was an area for great development. These and other similar situations were being experienced every day in many parts of the world, and millions of people are still being affected.

Our experience in the construction field as well as our corporate philosophy to provide solutions, led us to work on the design of a product which seeks to improve the living / working conditions of all those people involved.

For the last three years a multidisciplinary team has been working to try to resolve the problem and now the product is already tangible.

We offer a modulating construction system that could solve many of the problems that are faced in conflictive areas and this has made us aware of the range of needs that still need to be addressed.

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